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The role of the Manager on Duty (MOD) is crucial to delivering exceptional experiences to guests at Sky Zone. This role encompasses a diverse set of responsibilities aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of the facility and creating a safe and enjoyable environment for visitors.

Key duties of the Manager on Duty include handling opening and closing responsibilities, such as assigning tills and preparing deposits. They play a pivotal role in ensuring that staffing levels are sufficient to support guests and various programs. Conducting pre-shift meetings with the team is another integral aspect of the MOD role, fostering effective communication and coordination among staff members.

Additionally, Managers on Duty are responsible for managing cleaning tasks and overall cleanliness within the facility. This includes overseeing the maintenance of a tidy and organized environment for both staff and guests.

One of the primary focuses of the MOD is to guarantee the safety and enjoyment of everyone in the park. This involves conducting park walks to provide support to the team, interacting with guests, and identifying and resolving any issues related to courts and system operations promptly.


· Advocate for guest safety and satisfaction

· Use the Corporate application to conduct opening and closing checklists

· Review Team Member schedules to ensure appropriate staffing is available for the expected guest flow, including any scheduled events. Identify if adjustments need to be made.

· Count the safe and assign tills

· Conduct the Park Walk, using knowledge of park standards and operational activity to identify tasks to be completed by Team Members

· Note any safety concerns, including but not limited to ripped nets, worn trampolines, worn pads, tripping hazards, improper storage of items under or near trampolines, obstructed emergency exits.

· Confirm park systems (POS, Groups, Manager Console, video and camera system, etc) are functioning effectively.

· Ensure cleanliness and organization of guest-facing and non-guest facing areas

· Conduct a daily pre-shift meeting, including a positive WoW note, addressing any concerns and relaying manager meeting notes

· Delegate and monitor tasks needing completion following the Park Walk

· Coach, mentor, evaluate and recognize Team Members to Deliver WoW. Check-in with every Team Member on that shift, and conduct a “table touch” at every party on the hour.

· Receive any Team Member “call-offs” and work to remedy any staffing needs

· Communicate with other managers to ensure all Team Members are working toward the same goals.

· Review and assign park closing responsibilities to Team Members, the follow-up to ensure all tasks are completed to the standard

· Close tills, verify deposit, print the deposit sheet to include in deposit bag, and count the safe

· Send daily results to the management team and owners

· Ensure all doors are locked and all lights, video monitors, and televisions are in the off position

· Other duties as assigned

· This position is for evenings and weekends


Core Competencies

At Sky Zone, we value individuals who embody our core values, as they form the foundation of our brand. The ideal candidate for our team:

  1. Lives the Sky Zone Core Values: They understand and embrace the principles of making it fun, keeping it safe, promoting health, doing good, and delivering WoW experiences.
  2. Possesses an Entrepreneurial Mindset: We appreciate team members who think creatively, are solution-oriented, and approach challenges with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  3. Maintains High Standards: The candidate holds themselves and others to elevated standards, contributing to a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.
  4. Coaches and Develops People: A commitment to coaching and developing team members is crucial. We value individuals who invest in the growth and success of those around them.
  5. Passionate about and Involved in the Community: We seek candidates who are not only passionate about their work but are also actively engaged in the community. Community involvement is a key aspect of our values.
  6. Displays a WoW Personality: The candidate brings a sense of excitement, positivity, and enthusiasm to their role, creating a WoW (Wow on the Way) experience for both colleagues and guests.


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