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Why you should use [email protected]?

Talent Recruiters has successfully industry tested jobs at Sky Zone for nearly 18 + months with two franchised Sky Zone parks. We understand the difficulties of recruiting millennial’s that’s why we are fully integrated with Google unlike Indeed.  No more dealing with hundreds of resumes for matches instead you’ll receive only applications from interested individuals.

Once you find the perfect individual, we can make on-boarding easy with our welcome packet. Applicants will get all the necessary forms directly in their email before arriving. Making your i9 process quick and easy.

We are fully integrated with Google unlike Indeed:

Our site is fully integrated with Google Jobs giving us the advantage over job boards like Indeed. [email protected] is fully integrated with sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ giving users the ability to share your openings for you. During our testing phase our jobs were shared nearly 1,000 times just on Facebook.  

No more wasting time boosting jobs, or paying outrages one time fees with those other guys we recruit, manage applicants and give you the tools necessary to let the kids work for you.


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