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Jobs @ Sky Zone

Why use Jobs@SkyZone?

Talent Recruiter has successfully recruited hundreds of employees for companies across the United States. We have beta tested for nearly 24+ months within two franchised Sky Zone parks and found huge success with our integration and virtual screening process.

We understand the difficulties of recruiting millennials in today’s business world. Talent Recruiters is fully integrated with Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platform. We are fully integrated with Google, Indeed, and numerous other job boards.

Once you find the perfect individual, we can make onboarding easy with our virtual welcome packet, and uploading portal information is sent directly to your hiring manager.

Integration That Works:

Our site is fully integrated with Google Jobs giving us the advantage over our competitors and websites like Indeed. We believe in making the hiring process hassle free with integration with FACEBOOK, Twitter and Google+ our users have the ability to share listings and earn rewards that can be redeemed for credits. During this period our jobs were shared nearly 32,500+ times by applicants, currently employees and individuals following on social media.  

No more wasting time boosting jobs, paying outrages or one-time fees. Our billing platform is simple and straightforward.

Our goal is to make you more accountable for your time and taking the small stuff out of the way. No more wasting time boosting jobs, posting and sharing job posts focus on interviewing your applicants.




Virtual Recruiter PreScreens Applicants Before Proceeding Forward

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